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We are on the watershed between the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea The discovery of the source of the Marne offer the opportunity of a very beautiful walk and a lesson informed by geology. This stroll also allows to discover the cave where the leader Gaul Sabinus and his wife Epoline lived in secret about ten years before being beheaded by Romain.

The water and the forest (250.000ha) hold an important place in Haute-Marne and in particular in the south Region Haut Marnaise said of 4 lakes.
It infers a fauna and a flora of big variety and quality and a quantity of possibilities of activities.
After the calcareous tray of Langres the earth makes wet and clayey and strews of ponds what returns the region convenient to the breeding. Several streams as the Marne, the Aube and the Meuse take their source there.


la pêche
900 km of waterways are first category graded and 800 km are 2nd category graded. Perche, brochet, sandre fishes and white fishes are allowed.
( fish card on sale at bar tabac of Rivières ) Regarding high lakes, fishermen will track down carnivores, brochets fishes, sandres fishes and carps.


With 250 000 ha forests, on more than half of its area, considered as one of best-stocked with game of France,
Haute-Marne region is wild boars, roe deers and stags country.
Hunter, you will find in Arc-en-Barrois national forest, the largest game hunting estate of France.

The hike

The pedestrian hiking trail and the MOUNTAIN BIKE of the " Vallée de la resaigne" cross the village. He makes you discover on 14 km diverse landscapes of the edges of Re-bleeds her in the trays of the farm of the "Soc"

Patrimony and history

Langres occupies the horizon with his ramparts marked out by twelve towers of artillery and his citadel where from emergent the towers of the cathedral Saint Mammès. She was major Lignons in the Gallo-Roman period and royal fortress then.
Diderot author, among others, of the encyclopedia was born there in 1713. A fort in the country of the wizards: it is on the mountain of Cognelot in 473 metres (municipality of Chalindrey) that was set up after the war of 1870 a military work says Strong Vercingétorix in the place where we said that the devil fouletot lived and organized Sabbath with the witches.
In XVI ° century we condemned the same Clément Rabiet de Chalindrey and Pierre Clerget of Le Pailly to be burned further to agreement with the sly.


Langres Paris-Mulhouse railway line was opened on 1858. Due to topographical reasons,
Langres railway station was fixed up in Marne valley.
Town access (which is 132 meters higher) leads to create the first
rack railway with a near 17 % slope; the total lenght of the way is about 1 447 meters.
Opened on 6th November of 1887, with steam traction, electrified in 1935, the line is definitively no more operated in February 1971. The last engine is still displayed on high station site.

Viaduc The line of Chalindrey to Gray, (44,9 km) inaugurated in July, 1858, crossed Rivers the Wood by following the valley of Re-bleeds her then that of Saulon. She is put in lease to the Society of the Economic Railroad in 1934.
In the service of winter, 1970 3 daily local trains are transferred on road. The line is not déferrée although the exploitation stopped since, further to the bad state of the breast wall of Leffond

The channel connecting the Marne in the Saône

Tunnel The project of channel connecting the Marne in the Saône was for a long time there discution for determined if he owed past by the valley of the saulon or by the valley of Vingeanne, it is this last solution which was held. But anyway it was necessary to cross the plateau of Langres and the option of the tunnel was compulsory seen that the dénivellé went to 80 metres. Restraints of water for the food of the channel being also necessary.


The cave of Coublanc (not exploited) a small karstic cavity with important resurgence situated in a feed at feet of a cliff is.
She possesses an important population of Bats among which one is in limit the North of distribution
Present sorts:
Grand Murin (Myotis myotis)
Grand Rhinolophe (Rhinolophus ferrum-equinum)
Minioptère de Schreibers (Miniopterus schreibersi)
Petit Rhinolophe (Rhinolophus hipposideros)

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